Ras El-Hanout

Ras-el-hanout is a classic spice mixture used in Moroccan cuisine. The name means 'top of the shop', which reflects its expensive ingredients.Famously used: In most Moroccan tajine (stews). In meat chicken fish vegetables.
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Lemon Pepper

Three of the most popular flavours, black pepper, salt and lemon, are perfectly blended together in this versatile seasoning. Use our Lemon Pepper Coating on: meat chicken fish and seafood.
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Falafel Spice

Falafel is one of the most widely consumed and recognized foods of the Middle East. Fried balls or patties of chickpeas with spices make falafel both tasty and easy to prepare. Falafel is found all over the Middle East, it is more common in countries like Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. It...
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Chinese 5 Spices

All of the five flavours - sour, bitter, sweet, pungent, and salty - are found in five-spice powder. Add it whenever you want to lend flavour to stir-fries, soups and red-cooked dishes. It works well with meats, and makes an excellent marinade.
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