Dried Lime

The highly aromatic, somewhat fermented flavour notes in black limes complement chicken and fish particularly well. Surprisingly, one or two pierced black limes in an oxtail stew give it a welcome degree of piquancy. When adding whole black limes to a dish or putting one in the cavity of...
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Fennel Seeds

As a herb, fennel leaves are used in French and Italian cuisine's in sauces for fish and in mayonnaise. In Italy fennel is also used to season pork roasts and spicy sausages, especially the Florentine salami finocchiona. It is traditionally considered one of the best herbs for fish dishes....
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Ground Cloves

Cloves can easily overpower a dish, particularly when ground, so only a few need be used. They are used in a number of spice mixtures including ras el hanout, lebanese 7 spice curry powders, mulling spices and pickling spices. Cloves also figure in the flavour of Worcestershire sauce.
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Cumin Seeds

Cumin is used mainly where highly spiced foods are preferred. It features in Indian, Eastern, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Portuguese and Spanish cookery. It is an ingredient of most curry powders and many savoury spice mixtures, and is used in stews, grills - especially lamb - and chicken dishes. It...
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Yellow Mustard

Mustard seeds or mustard powder can be used as a condiment in a variety of dishes. Mustard seeds can be used as is or can be roasted in a skillet. You can easily make your own mustard condiment by first macerating the seeds in vinegar or water. Grind them...
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