Cane Molasses

Made from 100% pure and natural sugar cane, it has a very rich, sweet and distinct flavour. Commonly used in baking and is a popular ingredient in cakes, cookies and desserts. In the Middle East it is traditionally mixed with tahini paste and served for breakfast.
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Preserved Lemon

A North African speciality famously used in Moroccan cuisine. Our hand picked lemons are fragrant and full of flavour and will transform any dish into something exquisite. Try using it in your tagines, stews or even salads. Goes well with grilled fish or roast chicken.
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Sesame Oil

This first cold pressed Greenfields Sesame oil is extracted from high quality Sudanese Sesame Seeds which are grown alongside the River Nile using old traditional methods practiced for hundreds of years where no chemicals are applied. Sesame oil is widely used in Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean region as...
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Catering Bags

All products are also available in catering bags. This unique and attractive bag can act as a substitute for the tubs or as a refill. Ideal for cafes, restaurants or even a large family.
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