Ground Cinnamon

Ground Cinnamon have the  fragrant, sweet and warm taste of cinnamon is a perfect spice to use during the winter months. Cinnamon is a sweet spice derived from the bark of trees.
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Paprika is the ground bright red powder from sweet and hot dried peppers. It is much milder than cayenne pepper with a characteristic sweetness, and it is a favourite ingredient in European cookery.
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Somaq is a tangy, lemony spice often used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking in Arabia, Turkey and the Levant, and especially in Lebanese cuisine. In these areas it is a major souring agent, used where other regions would employ lemon, tamarind or vinegar. It may be Used: It is rubbed...
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Smoked Paprika

Paprika is often used: As a garnish, sprinkled on eggs, hors d'oeuvres and salads for colour. It spices and colours cheeses and cheese spreads. In marinades and smoked foods. It can be incorporated in the flour dusting for chicken and other meats. Many Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish recipes use paprika for soups, stews, casseroles and vegetables. In...
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Lime Powder

Can be used as seasoning for all types of cooking. Famously used in Iran to flavour rice. Add at the end to make the best of its tangy flavour.
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Ground Pimento

Jerked meats like pork, chicken and kid reflect the Spanish/Jamaican background of Allspice. It is a particularly popular spice in European cooking, an important ingredient in many marinades, pickling and mulling spices. Many patés, terrines, smoked and canned meats include allspice. A few allspice berries are added to Scandinavian pickled herring, to Sauerkraut...
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Ground Nutmeg

Nutmeg is usually associated with sweet, spicy dishes — pies, puddings, custards, cookies and spice cakes. It combines well with any cheeses, and is included in soufflés and cheese sauces. In soups it works with tomatoes, slit pea, chicken or black beans. It complements egg dishes and vegetables like cabbage, spinach, broccoli,...
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Ground Fenugreek

The major use of fenugreek is in curry powders, figuring in many mixtures, especially vindaloo and the hot curries of Sri Lanka. When fish is curried, particularly strong-tasting fish such as tuna and mackerel, fenugreek is frequently included in the spice mixture. Many chutneys and pickles incorporate it and it gives...
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