Roast Potato Wedges

Ultra crispy with blue cheese dipping sauce

Generously seasoned potato wedges, crispy and crackly on the outside, with pillowy potato insides, go on – dip them in a creamy blue cheese sauce – perfect for any party!

Roast Potato Wedges
Serves 2-4
10 mins
30 mins
560 per serving
Can Freeze


Large bag smooth, firm potatoes

Olive oil

Garlic powder


Onion powder

2 tbsp butter

2 tbsp plain flour

600ml semi skimmed milk

Blue cheese of your choice (Tip: we love Shropshire Blue cheese)

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For the wedges: Soak raw potato wedges in hot water for 10 minutes before baking. This important step releases some of the starch in the potatoes and lets them absorb moisture, which gives you crispy outsides and soft, moist interiors.
Slice the potatoes into even wedges so they bake evenly.
Season generously with garlic powder, onion powder and black pepper.
Arrange the potatoes evenly across the pan so that each wedge has a flat side against the pan.
Flip halfway through baking, this is essential to achieve evenly golden, crispy edges all over.
Keep checking and don’t pull them out of the oven too early. They should be deeply golden and crispy.
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