Our story... so far

Our story...
so far

Proudly providing quality herbs and spices to our customers since 1982

Over 40 years ago Greenfields began as a small retail store in the west of London, as our business started to grow that we noticed our customers were requesting more speciality spices, and a large gap was evident in the ingredient market, particularly for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern herbs and spices.

At that time there were only a handful of companies that dominated the herb and spice market in the UK, these offered small jars at a very high price - and had only a limited range.

In order to cater for our customers needs we began to create our own large bags of dried mixed herbs and spices, we offered these at a low price with generous quantity, we packed these in small batches in our shop basement in the evenings, it was a labour of love.

Humbled and encouraged by our customers response to our packs we grew production and introduced more hard to find speciality lines such as sumac, dried lime, hibiscus and za'atar etc, and also into other areas of world foods such as honey, molasses, preserved lemon and pickled vegetables

As Greenfields enters into our second family generation we are very grateful to all of our customers who, over four decades, have purchased our products and helped us to grow from our first bag by hand to a fully automatic factory operation.

We continue with our original philosophy which is to provide good quality products with a generous quality at a competitive price.

Today countless restaurant and food production suppliers rely on us for our quality products and we are stocked in leading retailers, supermarkets, cash and carry's, wholesalers, distributors and independents throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our aim is to deliver our customers exciting, new and innovative products from the continents, and, as we look to the future of Greenfields, we carefully source our products from all over the world, giving particular attention to quality, practice and sustainability.

The Shop

The shop

From our incredible perfect ‘customer favourite’ blends to inspired chilli flavours, healthy seeds and hot smoky spices, we have every taste from around the world, find your new next favourite​…