Orange Blossom Water 300ml


Orange blossom water is a versatile and aromatic ingredient that adds a delightful floral note to various culinary creations. Whether used in desserts, beverages, or savoury dishes, it brings a touch of elegance and complexity to the overall flavour profile. Incorporate into marinades, salad dressings, or use as a flavouring in rice dishes and stews. Some traditional recipes, particularly in Moroccan and Tunisian cuisines, feature orange blossom water as a prominent ingredient.
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Here are some of the popular uses of orange blossom water:
  1. Culinary Uses:
    • Flavouring: Orange blossom water is often used as a flavouring agent in various desserts, pastries, and beverages. It adds a delicate and aromatic citrus-floral note to dishes.
    • Middle Eastern Cuisine: It is a common ingredient in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, where it is used in recipes like baklava, Turkish delight, maamoul, and Moroccan pastries.
    • Beverages: Orange blossom water can be added to beverages like teas, lemonades, cocktails, and mocktails to enhance their flavour and fragrance.
    • Syrups and Cordials: It can be incorporated into syrups and cordials to create aromatic and refreshing drinks.
  2. Baking:
    • Cakes and Pastries: Orange blossom water can be used in cakes, cookies, scones, and other baked goods to infuse them with a subtle floral flavour.
    • Frostings and Icings: It can be added to frostings, icings, and glazes to impart a fragrant twist to desserts.
  3. Moroccan and North African Cuisine:
    • Moroccan Tagines: Orange blossom water is a traditional ingredient used in Moroccan tagines, which are slow-cooked stews. It adds a unique floral essence to the dish.
    • Couscous and Rice Dishes: It can be added to couscous and rice dishes in Moroccan and North African cuisine to enhance the aroma and flavour profile.
  4. Aromatherapy and Skincare:
    • Fragrance: Orange blossom water is used as a natural fragrance in perfumes, colognes, and body sprays due to its sweet and floral scent.
    • Facial Toner: It is used as a gentle facial toner to help refresh and balance the skin. It can be applied with a cotton pad or used in DIY skincare recipes.
    • Bath and Body Products: Orange blossom water can be added to bathwater, soaps, lotions, and other body care products to provide a pleasant aroma and potential skin benefits.
It’s important to note that orange blossom water should be used sparingly, as its flavour can be quite strong. Start with small amounts and adjust according to your taste preferences.
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