Herbal teas

As tea enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers
continue to seek out unique and comforting beverages,
these herbal tea flowers remain a beloved choice that
offers both taste and wellness benefits.

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Chamomile 40g

Dried chamomile flowers have a subtle, floral flavour with a hint of apple-like sweetness. They are commonly used in herbal teas and have a calming and soothing effect.

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Dried Lime 60g

Dried whole limes are a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern and Persian cuisines, with a strong citrus flavour that is slightly sour and bitter. The drying process intensifies their taste, making them more pungent and concentrated compared to fresh limes. They also develop earthy and fermented notes, which contribute to their distinct flavour profile.

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Hibiscus Flower 65g
Hibiscus flowers have a unique tart and slightly tangy flavour that is often described as fruity and floral. The taste is similar to cranberries or tart cherries. The vibrant red colour of hibiscus flowers also adds a visually appealing element to dishes and beverages.
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Kaffir Lime Leaves 20g

With a strong, citrusy, and floral fragrance the flavour is distinctive, with a combination of lemony and slightly bitter notes. The leaves are typically used whole and are not eaten but added to dishes to infuse their aromatic qualities into the food. This aromatic Asian leaf is often used in Thai, Indonesian and Cambodian recipes including Thai green curry.

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Lavender 50g

With a subtle floral flavour that can be used in recipes such as marinades and baked breads, also makes a beautiful garnish for salads and desserts, and tasty beverages.

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Lemon Grass 50g

A convenient and versatile ingredient offering a citrusy and herbal flavour that adds a unique twist to dishes. Typically used in Thai and  Asian cuisines this versatile herb can be used in all kinds of recipes from marinades to cocktails, adds a slightly sharp and tangy taste but without the bitterness of lemon.

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Pink Rose Buds 50g

Pink rose buds have a delicate floral flavour and can be used in various culinary applications, a subtly sweet and floral taste, often described as fragrant and slightly fruity.

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