Gourmet Madagascan Vanilla Pods x 2


Contains two large, gourmet grade A vanilla pods Pods stored in glass tube that can be resealed for freshness. High moisture content pods 100% Madagascan vanilla. Grade A, Madagascan vanilla beans are the finest in the world, containing a very high seed, vanillin and moisture content, the supple, flavourful moist beans have a warm, rich taste perfect for indulgent desserts, chocolate truffles or vanilla extract.
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These vanilla pods are sourced from Madagascar, an island nation in the Indian Ocean that is renowned for producing some of the world’s finest vanilla beans. Here are some key characteristics and uses of gourmet Madagascan vanilla pods:

Flavour Profile: Madagascan vanilla pods are prized for their rich, sweet, and creamy flavour with floral and fruity undertones. They are often considered the benchmark for vanilla flavour.
Aroma: These vanilla pods have a strong and fragrant aroma, which is highly desirable for culinary applications.
Size and Appearance: Madagascar vanilla beans are typically plump, moist, and dark brown to black in colour. They are longer and more slender compared to some other vanilla bean varieties.

The best way to use to get the flavour out of your gourmet pods:
a. Baking: Gourmet Madagascan vanilla pods are commonly used in baking to enhance the flavour of cakes, cookies, muffins, and other baked goods. To use them, you can split the pod open, scrape out the seeds (vanilla caviar), and add both the seeds and the pod to your recipe.
b. Pastry Cream: Vanilla pods can be used to infuse flavour into pastry creams, custards, and puddings. The seeds and the pod are often steeped in milk or cream to extract the vanilla flavor.
c. Ice Cream: Making homemade ice cream with Madagascan vanilla pods will yield a premium quality treat with a pronounced vanilla flavour.
d. Sauces and Syrups: You can add a split vanilla pod to sauces, syrups, and reductions to infuse them with a delightful vanilla aroma and taste.
e. Infused Liquors: Madagascan vanilla pods can be used to infuse liquors like vodka, bourbon, or rum, creating vanilla-infused spirits for cocktails and desserts.
f. Vanilla Sugar: Place a split vanilla pod in a jar of sugar to make vanilla sugar. Over time, the sugar will take on the vanilla flavour, making it a versatile ingredient for baking and beverages.
g. Vanilla Extract: You can make your own vanilla extract by placing Madagascan vanilla pods in a bottle of alcohol (such as vodka) and letting it steep for several weeks. This homemade extract is perfect for baking and cooking.

Remember that the seeds and pod can be used separately or together, depending on your preference and the recipe. Gourmet Madagascan vanilla pods are highly sought after by chefs and home cooks alike for their exceptional quality and ability to elevate the flavour of a wide range of dishes and desserts.
100% natural ingredients

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