Quality matters when it comes to choosing your herbs and spices, at Greenfields we have proudly provided top quality herbs and spices to our customers since 1982, with a generous quantity at a competitive price we have over 200+ quality products – including the hard to find – from all over the world, with plenty of inspiration to add to your spice collection.

This seasoning is most often used in traditional Middle Eastern recipes and is a versatile, delicious ingredient.

Use as a seasoning, spice rub, add to cakes, muffins and smoothies, use in salsa and guacamole, sprinkle over salads, perfect in desserts,  pairing particularly well with flavours like coconut, mango, and passion fruit.

A mild, nutty taste that can enhance the flavour of dishes without being overpowering. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are fantastic for heart health, reducing inflammation, and even boosting brain function.

Our expertly blended Moroccan tagine seasoning has a rich, aromatic profile with a balance of savoury, sweet, and warm notes. The spices come together to create a complex and fragrant taste that enhances the overall flavour of Moroccan dishes, giving an aromatic Moroccan flavour to slow cooked chicken, lamb and vegetable stews.

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Moroccan chicken flatbread with a mint yogurt dip

An aromatic Moroccan chicken flatbread using our Moroccan tagine blend, with the cooling mint yogurt sauce, a perfect blend of spices and refreshing herbs
black pepper

Date & pink peppercorn tagliatelle

Subtle spiciness of pink peppercorns beautifully balance the natural sweetness of dates, creating a pasta dish that's both exotic and comforting.

Cajun chicken quesadillas

Spicy Cajun flavours in classic quesadillas

Greenfields perfect fajita blend chicken fajitas

Combines juicy, perfectly marinated chicken with a medley of colourful peppers and onions, all served in warm tortillas.
black pepper

Dukkah salmon patties

A fusion of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours. Our nutty, aromatic dukkah spice blend perfectly complements the succulent salmon

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Lime leaves: With a strong, citrusy, and floral fragrance the flavour is distinctive, with a combination of lemony and slightly bitter notes. This aromatic Asian leaf is often used in Thai, Indonesian and Cambodian recipes including Thai green curry.

A vibrant yellow spice used in various cuisines, particularly South Asian and Middle Eastern cooking. It has a warm, earthy flavour with a slightly bitter undertone. Adds flavour and colour to recipes and the main ingredient in most curry powders.

A versatile spice that adds a rich, smoky flavour and vibrant colour to dishes. It is made from dried and ground red bell peppers or chilli peppers. A seasoning that is great for use in hot cooking and a key ingredient in a number of Mexican, Indian and other world cuisine.

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