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Gourmet Madagascan Vanilla Pods x 2
Contains two large, gourmet grade A vanilla pods Pods stored in glass tube that can be resealed for freshness. High moisture content pods 100% Madagascan vanilla. Grade A, Madagascan vanilla beans are the finest in the world, containing a very high seed, vanillin and moisture content, the supple, flavourful moist beans have a warm, rich taste perfect for indulgent desserts, chocolate truffles or vanilla extract.
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Vanilla Pods x 2

Vanilla pods, also known as vanilla beans, are the fruit of the vanilla orchid plant. They are highly valued for their rich aroma and flavour, and are widely used in various culinary applications. Vanilla pods contain a compound called vanillin, which gives them their distinctive taste and fragrance.<br>

The vanilla pod can be used for baking and has a lot of flavour, can be used to to infuse milk or cream with subtle vanilla flavour

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