Lebanese shawarma

Our perfect Middle Eastern house-blend of spices adds huge flavour to chicken, and can also be added to beef, lamb or turkey

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Perfect for summer

Hibiscus & Lime Iced Tea

Hibiscus iced tea is hard to beat. It is hydrating, beautiful, and nutritious, the perfect summer beverage.


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Middle East

It's BBQ time

Recipes for delicious summer food with our BBQ ready herbs and spices

Sriracha & chilli cauliflower kebabs

Using our delicious new sriracha seasoning to turn a cauliflower into a zinging, sweet, sour, garlicky hot feast! Healthy and delicious.

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Easy jerk chicken

Greenfields perfectly blended jerk seasoning makes this famously flavourful dish

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Crispy coated Cajun fries

Cajun crunchy extra spicy fries, easy and delicious!

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Tandoori chicken

Perfect taste with our spice blend ‘tandoori masala’

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Healthy salmon burgers

Lighter and healthier than a beef burger, very tasty

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Authentic Thai Chicken Satay Skewers

Authentic Thai Chicken Satay Skewers, fall in love with the exotic, taste

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